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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 30, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> voter i.d. you object to showing an identification card when you vote? >> the no spin interview with general colin powell. we confront him about his changing politics. >> bill: you basically said to yourself i'm still going to support the guy even though his economic policies haven't worked for african-americans and pretty much anyone else. we also ask the general about racial politics. >> bill: your remarks were branded on the republican party they are a bunch of racists, they don't care about the minority.
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>> i'm telling you there is this vein of intolerance within the party. >> bill: and there is one final question. now this is a rude question. this is the scuttlebutt on the republican side: you are angry with the republicans because they made you look bad in the weapons of mass destruction deal during the iraq war. a factor cable exclusive, general colin powell tonight. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is curious to say the least, general powell has become such an ardent supporter of president obama. the general and the president
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are total opposites. mr. obama entitlement state of social justice, of big government providing for those who don't have very much with very few strings attached. collin powell, self-reliant guy, rising from poverty in the south bronx to the powerful position of secretary of state and powell did it the old fashioned way. he under it. while attending city cleaning in new york -- college in d.c. he won the bronze star in vietnam. came back a respected army officer. he then went to washington as a white house fellow during the nixon administration. from there, general powell rose through the ranks, becoming national security advisor to president reagan, the first black american to ever hold that post. he continued in the administrations of bush the elder and the younger. general powell presents himself as a rather conservative individual, a
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traditional man. but his politics are mixed. he is pro-choice, for example. however, up until 2008, he was always a staunch republican. now that has changed. as the general voted for barack obama twice. in the process, powell has been very critical of the republican party as it stands today. he has also made some comments about race and the g.o.p. >> they still sort of look down on minorities. how can i evidence that? when i see a former governor say that the president is shucking and jiving, that's a racial era slave term. >> bill: general powell referring to sarah palin who used that term cite sizing president obama for not being forth coming about the libyan disaster. now, having known general powell for a while, i wanted to understand why his politics have changed. he is a well-respected man in america and the why of the story is very important.
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so, last night the general and i finally commiserated. >> so, general, i would like you to be very specific and i would like you to be very brutal tonight about the republican party. what is it that you object to mostly that caused you to vote for president obama twice? >> i voted for the president twice because first and foremost i didn't think that the economic plans put forward by the campaign in 2008 or 2012 really were suited for the times we were in. so i had an economic reason to do that. secondly, i became a republican officially in 1995, after i decided not to run, and i have voted previously seven straight times for republican candidates. i have spoken at the 1996 convention, the 2000 convention, i worked for reagan, i worked for weinberger, i worked for nixon as a white house fellow.
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i think my credentials are fine. but in the last several years, i have been troubled by the right shift of the republican party too far to the right and i have said this on a number of occasions. and so in 2008, i found as an american, the best choice for america at that time and continuing in 2012 was senator obama and now president obama reelected. >> bill: here is what perplexes me? >> politically correct? i appear to be. >> president obama's economic plan hasn't worked among african-americans. when you voted for him, 12.7 unemployment. december of 2012, a month after you voted for him again, 14% unemployment. up. okay. hasn't worked. income, black income $32,000 compared to white 55,000. gone down under president obama. hasn't worked. so, you basically said to yourself i'm still going to
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support the guy even though his economic policies haven't worked for african-americans and pretty much anyone else. >> well, you have only seen me as an african-american, bill, that troubles me. i'm an american. >> bill: ill know that you cited that in some of your criticisms. you said and correct me if i am wrong, that the disengagement of the republican party from the minority community, blacks and hispanics troubled you. >> the economic situation in the country has improved but not enough. >> bill: not for african-americans. not for minorities. >> i'm not speaking as an african-american. i will come to the minority part of my criticism in a moment. but, we have seen a doubling of the stock market, the financial system has stabilized. the economy is starting to improve. i want to see it improve even faster. and in a broader sense, so that those who are at the lower end of the economic scale, including african-americans, latino americans and others can start to come up. ultimately, those numbers that you just cited are going to be
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fixed by an improving economy and an economy that is spread out more. and more and more african-americans will benefit and latino americans if they also get the education needed for the more demanding jobs. >> bill: you seem to be voting again on hope in 12 because we haven't seen an economic improvement in this country very much. and, in addition, the big spending policies of the democratic party and the president have driven the debt as you know to close to $17 trillion and he is the biggest spending president in history. you said something very interesting. education. we spend more per capita on education than any other country in the world than switzerland. all right? it isn't the money. but the money continues to flow. it's the discipline. it's the descent congratulation of the family descentration of the public structure. you have drifted away from them. i'm saying to you it's not about money and education, am i wrong? >> it is money and education. but it's more fundamental than
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that. with respect to some of the things been critical of the party. i don't think the party recognizes the fundamental demographic changes that are taking place in the country. and one more generation, african-americans, asian americans and latino hispanic americans will be the majority of the country. and we have to educate those youngsters for the positions of leadership that they are going to occupy. >> bill: you don't think that's being done now? >> i don't think it's been done adequately. and the important point i have been making is we have to understand that if you want these people to come to the republican side, you can't have immigration policies that effect them in a negative way. >> bill: okay, you believe in amnesty? >> one more point. >> bill: all right. go ahead. >> you can't have policies that try to make it harder for minorities to vote. i think one of the most terrible things that happened in the past election season is when we had a number of states that were going out of their way way. claiming outright fraud when there really wasn't any fraud to be of concern to us. but we were doing things to
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making it more difficult for those people to vote. >> bill: i want to get very micro on this. the voter i.d., you object to showing an identification card when you vote? >> no. of course not. >> bill: that's what the republican party wants. that's all they want just a voter i.d. >> i object to putting in place additional levels of voter i.d. >> bill: one? show one. >> disenfranchise those of our fellow citizens. i want to see a republican party that rather than trying to make it more difficult to vote and restricting the number of days and hours you can vote, a republican party that says we want everybody toee you a reason to vote for us. >> bill: all right. i don't know if asking for an i.d. is trying to restrict the vote, i mean, i'm sorry. you should be able to prove how are before you cast a ballot. >> no, you should be able to prove you are when you register to vote. and when you make the proper registration, identify yourself, you shouldn't have to go to some higher level
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restricts them. >> bill: you certainly know fraud is committed in boston and chicago, you register and show up and it's not you. >> i have not seen any study fraud is a problem of such significance that these kinds of procedures were in place. i'm glad to see that governor scott in florida has recently said he is turning his back over to his local community -- >> bill: i think showing an i.d. to vote is the bare minimum. all right, when we come back, we will talk to general powell about sarah palin and other republicans he finds objectionable. that in just a few moments.
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>> bill: colin powell. talked to the general causing him to make strong public comments. the fuse? former governor john sin is i sin it's unu calling mitt
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romney lazy. >> mitt romney surrogate during the campaign. sun unu for a long time. you don't think he is a racist, do you. >> no. i didn't call him a racist. >> you said that wording sends the code. >> it does. >> bill: you just said in his opinion he was lazy on an issue. it wouldn't matter if he was white, purple or green. >> he said he was lazy after the first debate and he said it a couple of times. >> bill: so what? >> let me finish i will tell you so what. it so shocked the person who was interviewing him he said do you really want to use that word snowing. john said other things that were troubling. he said the president wasn't a real american. what does that suppose to mean to somebody. what does it mean he is not a real american? >> bill: it was in the heat of the campaign. i'm not defending is you --
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sununu choice of words. i'm saying you know him i know him. is he not a racist. why even bring it -- just say he was foolish to put it that way. >> let me tell you why. i would never call john a racist. and he used some very poorly chosen words in my judgment. and i think he might agree with it in retrospect. >> bill: sure. you have to understand the impact this has on minorities through the our country and if you want to appeal to these people, if you want to bring them to the republican party and give them the reason to vote republican, you have to avoid this kind of language which can infuriate people and cause them to go vote. >> bill: i agree there has to be auto a thought put out to reach out to those precincts i didn't think, with all due respect, general, and you know i respect you, that making a racial issue out of a sununu was part sin was the right thing to do. same with governor palin. she is performing for her crew. she is not a racist.
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>> i didn't call her-owe you know you keep saying that but i didn't use that. >> that was the context that your comments were put there. >> you are saying they were appealing to their base. they were speaking to their people. i have to speak to a larger group of people for the republican party. >> bill: that's a valid point to get back on the right track. >> the point i'm making though. >> i know the point you are making. >> bill: your remarks were taken then and branded on the g.o.p., the republican party they are a bunch of racist. they don't care about the minority, blah blah blah. you know that's not true. >> i know that's not true. but i'm telling you there is this vein of intolerance within the party. when you say let's self-deport people. 47%. there are s. a lot of things people have to look in the mirror out and say is there where we want to be? >> bill: i have got two more questions for you. number one, you being how are, traditional guy, wounded in vietnam, served his country,
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patriot guy, by supporting as actively as did you barack obama, you also put yourself in a category of intolerance on issues like entitlement culture. when you yourself were born in the south bronx and you made it on your own. the entitlement culture now extends to 50% of the american homes. all right? huge rise in it. so you're putting yourself in that bracket by supporting the democratic party through barack obama. who their values are different than yours, general. >> yes, i was raised in the south bronx. i can assure it was social security that kept my parents in respectable comfort after they had retired and they paid into that. >> bill: that's not means tested. that's not what i'm talking about. >> i would have means testing in a heart beat. in fact, i should be means tested. i think there are a lot of things we could do with entitlement reform. i think there are lots of
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areas in our government where we can take a hard look entitlement reform, other areas and there are ways to cut budget. but. >> bill: but the president isn't doing that is he a spender. >> remember one thing, it's the congress that passes appropriations bills that pays for the bills and pays the debt. >> bill: you know obama behind the big juggernaut. this is a rude question and i'm sorry to have to ask it. are you ready? this is the scuttlebutt in washington. on the republican side. they say, it's been said to me by more than one, that you are angry with the republicans because they made you look bad in the weapons of mass destruction deal during the iraq war. i don't believe that i have to go on the record in saying i don't believe that's what moat valgt you american sees it the way you see it i disagree in some areas. i disagree in others.
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this is arnold that cheney and these guys, you didn't like them. you had no use for cheney and no use for this war. you did what they asked you to do. it turned out there were no weapons of mass destruction you want to comment on that? >> that's a bunch of nonsense. i presented the information that we all had from the intention community. went to the u.n. assurance from the cia that the information i had was correct. mr. cheney used that same information. the president did. all of our commanders thought it was correct. and we all were saying so. the congress voted on the basis of that information. >> bill: absolutely and i did too. >> four months earlier before i spoke. information i had. and i don't have answer idiotic questions like that one about whether i'm mad at somebody. >> bill: i appreciate it. general. it wasn't too bad, was it? >> i had a good time. invite me back, bill. don't forget to send -- >> bill: i salute you, man.
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i think you are a patriot. i wanted you to come on this program and i wanted you to speak your mind in front of this audience. i think it was an important interview and we're happy did you it thank you very much. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: again, we would like to thank the general for appearing on the factor. and we would like to you vote in our new brand new bill o' poll. please assess the interview you just saw? was it fair? too tough? too soft? please select one of those. bill o' directly ahead. crowley and colmes react to the interview and whether the republican party has to become more moderate. later, charles krauthammer annualized the big new immigration debate as president obama puts forth his vision today in nevada. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight intently how long has he worked here, 20 minutes? >> hello. >> okay, colmes, any quibble with the interview. >> you asked good questions and he gave you good answers. >> bill: do you think he will become a democrat? >> no. >> bill: do you think he will leave the republican party. >> i think the republican party needs a bigger tent. he is an example of why it is necessary. >> bill: he seemed to me during that interview to be more democrat than republican. did he seem that way to you. >> he wasn't really making republican arguments about how the republican party can improve their position. vis-a-vis minorities. vits is a v black. he was making mostly democrat he doesn't want the voter i.d. which i think is ridiculous. he seems, colmes, to like the big spending entitlement culture that is rising in this country. he doesn't object to it. >> i think the key point here is that he talked about working for nixon and reagan.
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i don't know that those people could now get nominated in today's republican party. nixon who was very liberal on domestic policy. you work for monica, you know. ronald reagan pathway to immigration. legalized millions of illegal immigrants. i don't think he could work for. >> bill: it's obvious that general powell would like the republican party to come back from the conservative precincts. that's obvious, right? we all agree with that he thinks the party would be better served to be more moderate. i think he may go into the democratic party. he is pro-choice. he is not against abortion all right? he doesn't mind the entitlement culture. he doesn't think that ids are necessary. you know, as you said, he wasn't so much advising the republican party as sticking up for the democrats. >> here is my issue and i respect him so much. here is my problem with what he is doing. as the first black secretary of state, he has got a very unique position in the
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republican party. he could be using that voice to work within the republican party, to encourage them, to talk to them, to work within the party, to work with them about outreach to minorities. about how to position the conservative principles of freedom. >> bill: maybe do that though. >> instead, is he attacking from the outside. that's what i have an issue with. >> i don't think he is attacking. this is what we need to do as a party to have a bigger tent. voter i.d., he was right. you get the i.d. when you register. there are not incidence of fraud. >> bill: i'm not going to spend time on this. but i just wanted to make you clear. if you show an i.d. when regist, that's swell. but then lenny can show up and vote. >> those problems do not exist. there is is not a fraud problem. >> bill: can i tell you it does exist. i have seen it as a local reporter in boston. it exists big time. >> study have shown otherwise. he wants to broaden the base which is a noble thing. >> the bigger issue here is i think he likes president obama
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personally. i think he has got allegiance to him because of race. >> bill: he got a little bristoly with me when i zeroed in on him on the racial stuff. >> i know. >> bill: the point i was trying to make he agreed with me that sununu were not racist. their argument got lost both palin and sunuvu's argument got lazy in the shucking and jiving. no one knew what they were talking about. you want your point to be clear. >> as the first black secretary of state i think he has enormous pride in the first black president. that's completely understandable. >> okay. >> what he is doing goes beyond that because what he is attacking are the fundamental tall ideological points of the republican party. economics, for example. he says to you the first election 2008 i voted for obama because we were an economic mess. a lot of people did that after four years, and as you pointed
1:29 am
out. economic policy why do you vote for him again? you know what he said to you? he said because i believe in leveling the playing field. everybody should have a fair shot. those are obama's words. that's obama's philosophy. >> more of a democrat now than a republican. >> on the issue of race, what he was saying is messages is really important. he he wasn't calling them racist. you have to be aware of the words and phraseology you are using and the signals it sends out. >> that's the point i got across to the general. i think he understood it in the sense that he accepted it of course he understood it. when general powell went after sununu and palin, all right, the press took it and then labeled the whole g.o.p. as racist. powell didn't want that. >> that's what the press did. he didn't do it? >> he enabled them to do it. >> be aware the messaging you are sending out. those are valid measures. you can't say anything anymore.
1:30 am
that's the beauty of doing the factor. how much more can they come after me? i hate everybody. everybody i hate. >> stop looking at me when you say that nobody i like. colmes, crowley thank you very much. plenty amore as the factor. some immigration agents suing their employer obama administration for not enforcing the law. is it legal tonel aize? also ahead krauthammer on president obama's immigration vision. that should be interesting. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: unbelievable proposed new law here in new york city. by a vote of 44 to 4 the new york city coup sill passed a measure that would allow unemployed people to sue if they don't get jobs for which they apply. they could sue the company. here now to explain the inexplicable. fox business anchor john stossel. are you kidding me stossel? that means any unemployed person who goes in for job interview wit news corps or any corporation. they don't get the job could file a lawsuit in new york city. why would any corporation even give any unemployment person an interview? >> because they can sue you if you refuse to give them an interview. >> but, you don't have to basically that would be imhoble to prove. companies schedule interviews. they don't go out on the street. get the letter. >> all these people here. you interviewed. you are not icialt viewing the unemployed. that's evidence. >> this is a full employment program for lawyers. >> that's right.
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they like exportion. you should have more laws like this. >> bill: you sigh it the way i see it this is totally insane? >> so is the city council. they always. >> these people kind of live down in the village. los angeles city council is just as bad. we can give you free stuff. >> mayor bloomberg this is full employment for lawyers. lawsuits all over the place. impact. >> impact freedom. >> businesses will move out of new york city. we're tired of getting sued by unemployed people. we're going down to texas and where this madness. but with 44 to 4. the council can override the veto. >> so we're stuck with one more. dumb law that will hurt people hurt the city of new york. businesses, particularly small businesses. connecticut. going to go to jersey. >> it's reasonable to say i
1:36 am
can pick between the guy who is working and the guy who is not. >> you just can't. >> going to be a pro bono situation because the unemployed don't have any money to pay a lawyer. lawyers say i will take a contingency, we will settle. all of that crap. in vermont they will have assisted suicide. kill yourself if it snows more than 12 inches. that's a new state law in vermont. i love vermont. okay. you, as a libertarian, you want to be able to kill yourself stossel, right? >> on the moment being on the show always tests it. we shouldn't joke about this. i fear some day being in terrible pain and being unable to end that pain. >> bill: give you morphine. that's what they do. >> if they give me morphine and that works. i would like to have the option. i should own my own body and get. >> bill: you can kill yourself. end it yourself. why should the state be in the business of taking lives? >> it's not necessarily easy
1:37 am
to take your own life. >> bill: new gun control may be harder. not hard to commit suicide. stossel, come on. >> you want people jumping out of buildings. >> bill: i don't want the state in the death business. >> the state is sanctioning it though. states should allow people to make their own choices including this one. >> bill: if you are 28 years old and just came off a bad relationship and want to end it all and you walk into dr. feel good's office bang you are done and you are okay with it? >> not quite you have rules. like you have to wait a week. >> bill: you have to wait a week. go on vacation come back we will kill you. >> if i own my body it should be my choice. >> all right. if i owned your body, i would sell it thank you very much. when we come right back. charles krauthammer. charles is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight. americans who follow the news, that's about auto 50% of us. well understand that a new immigration law is in play. there are two contrasting views of the law. one put forth by president obama today in nevada. the other proposed by florida senator marco rubio. here is where the two plans differ the most. rubio and some in the senate want border security tied into any new bill. president obama does not.
1:42 am
also the senators want a probation period for illegal aliens in case they commit a crime or something. the president does not. he wants to give illegal aliens legal status right away not as citizens but as workers. joining us now from washington fox news analyst charles krauthammer. so, do i have it right in your opinion? >> well, the. >> bill: are there differences? >> yes. but i think the senate bill is a little bit softer. the proposed senate bill is a little softer than advertised it is true that you have to get certification that the border is closed, is enforced, the border security is working before you can go on to a green card and citizenship. however, what most people have not noticed. is in the senate bipartisan bill, there is essentially instant legalization. the day its signed. everybody gets what you call probationary status look, what
1:43 am
that means is, everybody here out of the shadows, registers with the government. tells them where they work, where they live. it is utterly inconceivable that that is ever going to be rolled back everybody knows it's symbolic gesture than everything else. senator rubio was on this program recently and he said this. you have got to do this because it's a chaotic situation. as far as citizenship is concerned. there isn't going to be that unless the illegal ill yen who is now going to be able to work in this country because i do believe this will pass goes rubio says to the back of the line and applies like everybody else. and it's going to take decades for them to get citizenship. does that matter what it means is they are going to have to
1:44 am
wait years and years for citizenship. but they are not going to the back of the same line that people waiting in hong kong and in brazil are in. because they don't get to get into the country to settle in the country, to work in our country for years. they have to wait in brazil. >> bill: illegal aliens are rewarded for their bad behavior. >> i'm not against this. i amnesty for over seven years. the thick i tried to insist on and i think has to be the core is that you have to close the border first because if the american people believe that these 11 million are the last to come in, they will be completely generous as we have always been to legalize them. but if they think that we're going to get swindled the way we did in 198 of -- 1986 when reagan did the same thing with a promise of enforcement, we will end up in another 10, 20 years with another 10 million.
1:45 am
>> bill: quicker than that. >> that's what we are trying to avoid. >> bill: look, all the stats on the border are favorable to what they were. part of that is the recession. there aren't as many jobs for people to have at that, you know, the lower echelon. i don't know. i mean, i haven't been down there in a while. i'm going to go to arizona in a couple of weeks. i will look around. do you believe that they are making big progress on the southern border? >> absolutely not. this is a function of the recession. people come here to work. if there is no work. they are not going to come here. in fact, many mexicans and other latin americans have ho have come across the southern border, some of them have gone back because when construction collapsed -- so that's the explanation. i think you can't rely on this temporary lull and say well, the border is closed. technology and the border fence and beefing up everything and telling me it hasn't worked? >> absolutely. and not only me. the secretary of homeland
1:46 am
security, this talk about high tech fences is absurd. in 2006, the congress passed a lot of money to build a high tech fence across the border. in two years ago, janet napolitano cancelled the project, she spent a billion dollars to do a 3 miles of it and realized it doesn't work. what's this nonsense high tech fences and drones and all of that what about a regular fence? don't tell me it doesn't work. the israelis constructed one across the west bank and the terror attacks are down by 99%. >> bill: so you believe they haven't done what they should do down there and that has to be done before the other stuff gets done? >> if you hear the word fence. you will know that they are serious. if you hear the word high tech, you will know they are not. it's very simple fences have worked 5,000 years and they work everywhere. why don't we build one and
1:47 am
then legalize people who are here illegally. >> bill: charles krauthammer as always. is it legal on deck. some immigration agents suing their employer, the obama administration. and wait until you hear why. legal is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment test. is it legal. we begin with a lawsuit filed by 10 federal immigration officers. ice people that alleges the obama administration will not allow them to do their jobs. that is enforce immigration law. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. this is all about the dream act, right? which president obama signed into law by executive order. >> catch-22 here. we either follow the policies,
1:51 am
perhaps last summer or we follow immigration law. the constitutional law. we want to follow immigration law. >> bill: tell the world wiehl, you know millions are watching so don't get nervous. what exactly the policy that president obama signed into law by executive order says. >> he said if you came here before you were 16 you are still under the age of 30. school, being arrested, other things like that. follow that general caveat, you are excluded from being deported. >> >> bill: the agents say listen, what are we supposed to do get their birth certificates? we don't know how old they are when they are in here. we can't arrest anybody. is that what they're saying? >> they are essentially saying that the presidential directive you suppers usurps. >> bill: they are kicking it up to the constitutional provision that only congress can change or make laws that a
1:52 am
president can't sign an order to that says pot is legal or anything else? >> that would be monarchy. immigration caveat. >> banding together with pinheaded attorneys to basically constitutional action. >> that's right. >>ens got guy who employs them. >> they took an oath to follow the constitution to follow immigration law. >> uphold the law. >> this is much more than i can't arrest this guy. >> no, it's much bigger. it goes to the issue of presidential authority. presidential directive being glished the judge decided that in fact they do have standing. >> bill: what judge. >> imported by george w. bush. reed owe corner out oof dallas. he said they do have standing. at first the government said they filed this in texas. >> right. >> which was smart. they filed it in new york or california it would have been thrown out right away. now it proceeds through the federalself do you expect to
1:53 am
to get through the supreme court. >> it probably will. whoever wins it will be appealed to the supreme court. >> do you know this bolder colorado. >> i have. >> beautiful town too windy but a nice town. but very very far left. now, they have who in 1999 i scorched because he wouldn't solve the jonbenet ramsey murder case, little girl. roll the tape. >> hunter is incompetent. we all know that. is he a would be. okay? -- he is a boob. if you want to solve the case you remove him, right? but they don't remove him. are you saying he doesn't want to solve the case? this is alex hunter who is is no longer the d.a. there who refused to investigate this case. roamer was the governor of colorado. there is hunter. >> right. >> bill: now the bolder daily camera says the grand jury wanted to indict the ramseys. >> both of them. >> in the murder of their
1:54 am
daughter. >> right, correct. >> bill: this hunter guy wouldn't do it. >> yes. he said that he believed there was insufficient evidence to bring the case. >> bill: but the grand jury said there was. >> and it lacks reasonable doubt. what i think is he violated the law and his oath as the prosecutor in that area because specifically he should have signed the indictment and then stood up in open court, said that he didn't feel that he was able to prosecute the case and ask for it to be dismissed. so he violated the law there. >> the judge would make that determination based on the grand jury. do you agree that should have happened. >> the result would have been the same. an indictment would not have been brought forward. >> bill: if the judge would have ruled his way. >> one of the grand jurors on record said we didn't know who did what. okay? that's not enough to go forward with yard. >> they specifically said child abuse resulting in the death of a child. but they didn't say who, which one of them. how she died. they said we just knew something was wrong. each. >> bill: even if this grand jury had been indicted.
1:55 am
>> a good lawyer would have separated those out. >> bill: too bad that baby gets killed. >> horrible. >> they still messed up the case and didn't do a proper investigation. >> mr. hunter is probably skiing somewhere. >> still in bolder. >> give the ladies props. it pains me to do. this university at the university of pennsylvania killed his wife a crowbar brutally. got five to 10. he was going to get out. >> on monday. >> this is the wife that got killed. the professor was going to get out on parole. there is the slob. is is it legal people were outraged here. and then the parole board reversed itself in pennsylvania because they feared you, ladies. >> maybe they were afraid we would annoy them to death. >> bill: they were afraid you were going to come down there. >> this was a great outcome. justice prevailed here. they rescinded their decision. >> bill: you guys did it. i didn't have anything to do with it. is it legal ladies did it. >> auto little overgenerous but thank you. >> bill: congratulations. we are here for justice,
1:56 am
right? >> absolutely. >> bill: factor tip of the day. we might be able to get you some money. the tip 60 seconds away.
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>> bill: factor tip of the day. free money for some of you. first, the dvd will soon sell out. they are flying out of here right now. if you want to see the tape, go to see you next february 22nd and later in the spring. these shows will sell out. info on our website. to the mail...
1:58 am
>> bill: you know, i don't believe that, ray. they wouldn't do that. >> bill: me too, rowland. >> bill: why? we should be treated with respect and courtesy. i agree with you. but we have an obligation to respect the office, the office of the presidency. i have interviewed the president four times. okay, what is next?
1:59 am